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Why we built quip. How you can help

2016-06-19 | Simon Enever

Building a startup from scratch and taking on the duopoly giants in oral care is no small task, so we know we’ll only make an impact if we build and work together as a passionate team! Our team has been growing over the last year, but as our membership numbers keep leaping, we are excited to grow the team further to make sure we keep delivering the best oral care experience to our awesome community!

It takes a certain type of person to enjoy and thrive in the tough startup environment (ignore what you see on TV, it's not all skateboards and pool tables! Although HBO’s Silicon Valley does get a fair amount right!), as each person is doing the job that 10 would do in a larger, more corporate environment. But if reading this is giving you shivers of excitement, rather than fear, then you’re probably going to love it, and we’re probably going to love you!

We are looking for people in all areas, from all experience levels and all backgrounds. The most important things to us are personality fit, work ethic, and passion for what we are doing. But here's a little more guidance on where we are currently most interested:

  • Customer experience angels
  • Graphic design artists
  • Software engineering geniuses
  • B2B smoothtalking salespeople
  • Marketing gurus of all types
  • An office dog

Self-starting mindset

We are a small team that relies on each other to be self-starters. This means managing yourself and driving your own responsibilities, and also stepping up to take on new initiatives or tasks wherever you can.

Good judgement

At quip, we will empower you to make smart decisions, but use good judgment to determine when you need help or guidance from others.


I mean, our company name is quip (google it)!

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