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Gift, get (or win!) free brush heads for life!

08/01/16 | quip

As we’ve discussed previously, replacing your brush head when worn out is extremely important for your oral health! Of course, our automatic, 3 monthly, $5 brush head deliveries help make it simple and affordable, but what’s even more motivation to refresh on time than simple and affordable? FREE of course! And now, thanks to improvements we have made to our referral program, it's easier than ever to give and get free refills for referring your friends to quip! Learn about our improvements below and enter our limited time competition that will award one lucky winner a brush and free refills, for you and a friend, for life!

How to earn free refills for life?!

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Gift $5 refill credits

After buying quip, share your personal coupon code. Friends that sign up using it will get $5 off their first refill!

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Get $5 refill credits

For every friend that buys with $5 coupon, you also get a $5 brush head refill credit added to your account!

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Keep refilling free!

Your credits stack up! Each time you refill, one $5 credit is used. Keep referring, keep getting free brush heads!

How we’ve improved the system

Firstly, we have drastically simplified your referral codes to take the format of “first name + random 9 digit number” to make them easier to remember and share. Called John Smith? Your code will be something like “john123456789”. Secondly, we have added the much requested ability to refer friends via email. Simply enter an email into the box, hit go, repeat, and we send a personalized email telling them about quip and your $5 refill credit gift! Thirdly, you can now not only see how many referrals you have made, but how much that have saved you over time and the names of all of those who have used your coupon! And last but not least, you can now manage multiple quip accounts from one admin account for remote (or at home) family members in our new “my family” section (we will write a post about this soon!) and for each family member you create an account and purchase quip for, you will receive a free brush head credit! Already a member? Learn more about my family here, other new ways to get rewarded (like connecting your dentist!) here, and start using the new referral tools here!

How to win free refills for life!

To celebrate these improvements, we are entering any quip newsletter subscriber with a free, complete quip member profile, who shares a $5 brush head coupon online today through the link in your email, into a draw to win a quip toothbrush and free brush head refill deliveries for life, for you and a friend! Simply click the link in the email you received (check your promotions tab!) on 08/31.16, sign-in / sign-up if prompted and click to share a code on Facebook, twitter or via email! Each platform counts as one entry, so share on all three to get a maximum of three entries! Good luck!

Start earning free refills today by
visiting your profile area or purchasing quip!

Earning free refills

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