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2016-08-01 | Simon Enever

Quip launched to design and deliver simple ways to make drastic improvements to oral health, and we saw three major changes we needed to make to help this: 1) Create more desirable products, that help inspire and encourage a regular routine, by turning brushing from hated chore into an enjoyable part of our day, 2) Provide more honest support, that helps guide and educate the importance of good technique, routine and upkeep and continues to do so throughout your life, 3) Facilitates better professional connections, bringing patients closer to the experts, and allowing you to better take advantage of their passion, support and expertise. This third change is a large and ambitious project, but we felt someone needed to tackle it! So we wanted to dive in and tell you a little more about how we are looking to do so and why it should matter to you!

Why visiting the dentist important

Oral care is a preventative form of care, meaning that so long as you are taking regular, basic care of your teeth, you should be able to prevent major, irreversible problems from ever occurring! The issue is, many of us skip these basics, or have genetic problems meaning that even if we do take good care of our teeth, it is not always enough. This is why regularly visiting the dentist to help them fix or identify problems early is so important. Preventing bigger oral health problems is also preventing bigger oral health bills, because having regular checkups that are often covered by insurance is far more affordable than having even one invasive surgery to solve major problems that could have been avoided!

Why we are we not going enough

Not only are most of us failing at the at-home basics (the majority of us brush too hard and for too short a time, 75% don’t change our brush when worn out and almost 50% don’t even brush twice a day!) but 40% of us are also failing to visit the one person that can help make up for these failings even once a year (let alone the recommended twice!). The reasons for not going to the dentist are deeply routed and hard to fix, but they usually fall into two categories. On one side, many of us have an inherent fear or dislike of visiting the dentist. Whether stemming from bad childhood memories, a discomfort from having work on such a sensitive area of the body, or a flat out fear of the tools used in treatment, going to the dentist for many is one of the most disliked (and therefore avoided) things to do! And then there is not understanding the value. As we discuss above, oral care problems can often seem like nothing until it’s far too late. But so long as we don’t see the problems, we don’t feel we need to go, despite the fact that once problems start they are harder (and more expensive!) to treat!

How we are looking to help

So how do we make visiting the dentist more desirable? Well, having an open discussion like this about why it’s even important is a start, but we know that that isn’t going to be enough! We believe that we can take the same approach we did with our products: making small changes that make a big difference. Don’t see the value of visiting the dentist? We are going to give you rewards and incentives for going, whether you see the value or not! Find work on your mouth uncomfortable? While we can’t change the “in mouth” experience quite yet, we can make everything else about your experience more comfortable, from finding you a practice you enjoy being in to introducing you to a professional that you feel comfortable being treated by. Scared of the tools and treatments? We will be enabling your dentist to check in with you remotely between visits, to hopefully help prevent these surgeries from ever needing to happen in the first place, but if they are unavoidable, we will help provide you with all the information and you need to help ease your fears as much as possible.

What you can do right now

This is an ambitious project that has never been attempted by a “toothbrush brand” before, so we are going to take it step by step to help learn from feedback as we go! The first step? Initiating and enabling a seamless connection to your current dentist that rewards you for visiting the them on time! After inputting their email into your quip profile area, once your dentist accepts your connection, with just one click they will be able to pay for 6 months of your brush head refills for visiting them on time! Not only that, but when confirming your visit, they are also able to input notes and reminders that we will deliver to you digitally and remind you of from time to time, while also automatically setting your next appointment date to 6 months from that day. In 6 months, we will email you to remind you to visit again, and remind you that if you do, you can keep refilling free and never pay for brush heads again!

What you can do in the future

This is only the beginning of the Dentist Connect platform. As more and more dentists are verified, genuine patient-dentist connections are made each day, the larger our network of trusted, connected, digitally savvy and generous dentists grow! As this happens, we will be able to better help you find your perfect dentist, whether that be someone who provides you with the quip products you want, the specialist services you need or just has the right atmosphere and approach that you like. And if you are really happy with your dentist, we will be rewarding you for recommending them to your friends, family and the quip community, because finding the perfect dentist is not easy, so a trusted introduction is invaluable, especially as unverified, open source online review sites are getting harder and harder to trust!

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