9 Reasons so many switch to a quip electric toothbrush.

Elliot Friar

Have you been putting off dental advice to go electric, or maybe you switched but have regrets? For years, brush brands have been adding features teeth don’t need to increase profits, leading to over-priced, complex options. Here’s how the designers and dentists behind quip fixed the electric brush.

1. The entire brush costs less than the brush heads of others.

By stripping away the features teeth don’t need and removing the middleman by selling direct to consumer, quip is able to be one of the most affordable electric toothbrushes on the market. quip starts at just $25, and brush heads are delivered to your door every three months for only $5 with free shipping. (That’s up to ⅕ the cost of some other electric toothbrush brand heads that aren’t even delivered!)

2. It’s got all features dentists recommend (none they don’t)

quip’s designer founders worked closely with dentists to identify which features have the biggest impact on oral health. quip's one mode features vibrating bristles that encourage better, softer brushing, and 30 second pulses to ensure you are covering your mouth evenly during the 2 minutes the timer runs. You won’t find any battery-hogging, bulk-adding 8 modes here, just the basics, done better.

3. It’s smaller, lighter, and quieter than the competition.

quip's the same length as a manual brush (7.5 inches), easier to move around the mouth than most electrics (just 3oz), and is almost silent in use (no more waking up your loved ones when brushing). More perks of ditching the features you don’t need. Best of all, its beautiful design is available in metal options that make picking up your brush twice a day something to actually look forward to.

4. It’s (actually) wireless and stored by (not actual) magic.

Goodbye clunky charging stand. Instead of locking batteries inside like most electrics, quip’s battery is removable, allowing you to either replace it with the fresh one you get free with every brush head refill (both last 3 months), or to recharge it if that’s your preference. Another bonus of not needing a charger? A sleek, re-stickable, mirror mount that keeps your counter free, brush within reach, and bathroom looking like something from 3017.

5. Traveling with your electric toothbrush isn’t a headache.

quip’s sleek design isn’t just for looks, it’s also great for travel. The slim brush easily fits in your makeup bag, carry-on bag, or whatever-type-of-bag, and stays fresh thanks to the mirror mount doubling as a travel cover. And it’s not just for travel. Sticking to a twice daily routine can be difficult with our increasingly busy lives, so quip is perfect for that morning gym, office or even train brushing routine.

6. Goodbye worn bristles, hello fresh heads on schedule.

Most of us keep our brush heads for a scary 9 months (they should be replaced every 3!). Frayed bristles aren’t just gross, they’re ineffective at cleaning teeth. quip optionally auto-delivers fresh heads every 3 months for $5, (and you can add home and travel toothpaste for just $5 more). Oh, and that includes the shipping cost too. And if you’re not digging the service you can cancel anytime, online.

7. It lasts forever. (and you're covered for life if it doesn’t!)

Gone are the days of accepting your electric brush will inevitably die after a year or so due to its locked in batteries struggling to hold on to a charge. quip is designed to last a lifetime with its removable battery and modular design, and it’s covered for the life of your plan in case it doesn’t. The quip support team is online 7 days a week too, if you ever have an issue or question.

8. People, Press and Dental Pros can’t get enough of it.

Hundreds of thousands of quip members are buzzing about their brush on social media. The press is feeling the good vibes, too — with awards ranging from TIME’s Best Inventions of 2016 to GQ’s Best Stuff 2017 and Oprah’s O-List. And goodbye “9/10 dentists recommend,” hello 10,000 (and counting) dental professionals on the platform, recommending quip to patients.

9. Don’t believe others, Try it yourself for 30 days, risk-free.

We’re pretty sure you’ll love quip at first brush, but as the American Dental Association will tell you: Personal preference is one of the most important factors when finding the most effective brush. The more you enjoy brushing, the better you tend to brush. Simple. quip, starting at $25 for plastic ($40 for metal) was designed to make brushing as enjoyable as possible, but if you’re not loving it, you have 30 days to return it for a refund.

Enjoy brushing better.

Frequent questions

How does quip compare?

How is quip powered?

Shipping/ Cover/ Trial details

How does quip compare?

From cheap manual toothbrushes with neon, angled bristles to expensive electrics with WiFi and “Ultra-Super-Sonic” features, there are so many toothbrush features out there to compare. Luckily quip is made using the same parts, processes and production facilities as many big brand brushes, so comparison is easy, with details below!

What actually makes a good brush?

Before being able to compare toothbrushes, it’s essential to know what actually makes a good toothbrush, and the answer might actually surprise you. As we go into in detail on our blog, according to the American Dental Association, Consumer Reports, and most likely your very own dentist — the best toothbrush for you is most likely the one you enjoy most, are comfortable using and that guides a better brushing routine. What does this mean? Remember those basics you were told as a kid - Brush gently and evenly across your mouth for 2 minutes, brush morning and night, change your brush head every 3 months and visiting the dentist every 6 - sticking to these simple preventative habits are what has the biggest impact on your oral health, and so whichever brush helps you do so is most likely the best brush for you!

Compared to manual brushes?

If most toothbrushes can give you the same clean if you’re brushing with them well, why not just buy a cheap manual one? There are many reasons why people prefer electrics like quip (a more enjoyable clean, fresher feeling, less wasteful product) but the most important are health ones. Unfortunately, most people brush badly, brushing too hard for too short a time, not changing brush heads or visiting the dentist on time, and up to 50% not even brushing twice a day (!), so dentists recommend electric brushes as they are a proven way to help people brush softer and for longer than manual ones. But even if you believe you are brushing the right way, for long enough, quip will still enhance your routine through our subscription service that ensure you are changing your brush head every 3 months, are getting the latest oral health tops every month and reminded and rewarded for visiting the dentist on time.

  • Same Soft bristles for teeth and gums
  • Same tongue cleaner on back of brush
  • Same size (7.5”L x 0.6” W) and just 3oz
  • Same lifetime cost $5 every 3 months
  • Better value with free holder & paste
  • Longer lasting bristles no gimmicks
  • Less eco-impact only change the head
  • More guidance with vibrating mode
  • Better storage wall mount/travel case
  • Simpler upkeep with a refill plan

Compared to other electric brushes?

Dentists recommend electrics because they guide people to brush better, not because they’re magic. Manual and electrics should be used in about the same way-gently going tooth by tooth, wiggling bristles around the gum line. The difference with electrics is that the moving bristles give a little helping hand at getting into the gum line to encourage softer, slower brushing, and the timer ensures you are brushing evenly. Whether you prefer sensitive or strong, vibrating or rotating bristles is mostly just personal preference, and most can get you the same clean and rely on you brushing well and maintaining a healthy routine. So with quip we combined the vibrations we found people enjoy most, with the timer mode that dentists love and removed the bells and whistles that do little for oral health. This allowed us to create a more simple, affordable, enjoyable product and, unlike others, combine it with a service that helps our members focus on the whole routine that has the biggest impact on oral health, from twice daily brushing to 6 monthly checkups.

  • Same vibration, pulse guides & timer
  • Better battery life lasting 3 months
  • Better value brush starting at $25.
  • Cheaper brush heads at $5 delivered
  • Smaller, lighter 7.5”L x 0.6”W and 3oz.
  • Nicer in use silent, sensitive vibes
  • Easier to store with suction mount
  • Lighter in travel with slim travel cover
  • Simpler to maintain with refill plans
  • Longer lasting, covered for life of plan


quip combines the low cost and simplicity of a manual and the guidance features and refreshing feel of an electric in a package, experience and service that improves the entire oral care routine like no other.

How is quip powered?

Almost all electric brushes are powered the same way - using batteries stored inside the handle — and most use the exact same batteries you can find in your local convenience store. Some electrics lock their batteries inside to force you to have an expensive charging stand and prevent you from changing them when they have lost charge or broken. Others, like quip, allow the battery to be removed and replaced to give you the option of either charging or changing, to help ensure your brush has a longer life that is not tied to the battery life.

We know how hectic a modern lifestyle can be and want to provide you with a choice that suits yours to ensure you never have an excuse to not brush. By removing the power and modes teeth don’t need, and focusing on the simple, sensitive timed vibrations they do, we were able to engineer quip to run 3 months on the charge of a single AAA! This allows us to make it so slim, silent and not require a bulky, wired charger. To keep the good vibes going after 3 months, you have two options depending on preference.


By default, quip comes with a regular AAA inside and ready to rumble upon opening. This will last 3 months, and you get a fresh one for free in your 3 monthly brush head refill pack. Just swap in the new battery while changing your brush head and you are good to go!


quip also works with the same rechargeable batteries used in most forced rechargeable brushes and available in local stores. Just swap in a charged AAA each time you change your brush head. Email us on help@getquip.com and we will stop sending regular batteries in refills.

Remember, the effectiveness of your toothbrush doesn’t hinge on its power level or source, it comes down to how well you follow a proper brushing routine.

Shipping/ Cover/ Trial details

Shipping on us (for life of a refill plan)

3 month refill plan deliveries ship for free internationally, while starter set orders with subscription plans ship for free in the contiguous United States (3-7 business days) and Canada (4-8 business days). Priority (2-3 business days) and Express (1-2 business days) shipping is also available for $10 and $25 respectively in the United States, and Express (2-3 business days) is available for $25 in Canada. International shipping on starter sets is $15 and takes an estimated 15 business days.

Covered for life (while on a refill plan)

While your quip was designed to last, all quips (that have an active refill plan) are guaranteed for life, just in case something happens. If there's a problem, simply reach out to help@getquip,.com and they'll be able to help you troubleshoot. In the case of manufacturing issues, we'll supply you with a new quip upon inspection of your faulty one (reviewed remotely). Brushes not associated with subscriptions are covered for one year after their initial purchase.

Try 30 days risk free (cancel anytime)

If you don't absolutely love your quip, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase. You'll get a full product cost refund if you use your own label. Should you need a shipping label from our help team, shipping costs will apply for returns of up to four quips in the United States. quip subscriptions are optional and be canceled anytime.

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