Introducing our new Smart Electric Toothbrush that builds good brushing habits — and rewards you for a job well done.

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Simple. Accessible. Enjoyable.

Everything you need to support healthy oral care habits for life.

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Sleek electric toothbrushes

Created by dentists and designers with all the guiding features teeth need (and no wires or bulky charger). Starting at $25.

Timed sonic vibrations, guiding pulses

3-month battery life & water-resistant

Travel cover doubles as mirror mount

American Dental Association accepted

Smart Brush + quip® app

The same sonic brushes, plus amazing rewards (from quip & partners you love!) as you track and coach your way to better oral health. From $45.

Bluetooth® Smart Motor (also sold separately)

Connect multiple brushes (for kids too!)

Track & coach better brushing habits

Free products, discounts, & more

Clean, effective toothpaste

The ingredients you need (and none you don’t). Anticavity fluoride to strengthen teeth, and xylitol to help reduce oral bacteria.

American Dental Association accepted

Refreshing mint & watermelon flavors

Helps prevent cavities & reduce bacteria

Vegan with no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)

Floss you'll want to use

Sleek, refillable dispenser with pre-marked, expanding string to guide your routine, from $10. Change the floss inside every 3 months with a refill that’s just as affordable as other leading brands.

Pre-marked to use just enough floss

Natural mint flavor, vegan, SLS-free

American Dental Association accepted

Refill plans delivered

Shop for one-time supplies or subscribe to a refill plan to get brush heads, fresh floss, and paste delivered every 3 months from $5.

Automatic delivery

More healthy & hygienic

Free shipping for life

Over 5 million mouths and counting
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I didn’t realize I was brushing the wrong way and not long enough! quip is a total game changer.

Refresh your routine

Customize smart and standard sets (for adults and kids!) from $25. Refill plans from $5.

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